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While durable and long-lasting, to the skin Aelia Anna Pestemal is warm, gentle and comforting, making it ideal to be worn as a bathrobe, shawl or scarf. However, it takes up very little space, is lightweight and easy to carry, so is the ideal travelcompanion and easy to roll up for an on-the-go blanket, beach towel, bag, clutch, bed throw, and cushion. Its use reaches as far as your imagination! The Pestemal towel has been evolving over the last 600 years to become the towel of choice both for its highly absorbent and ultra-quick drying properties, but also for its comfort and elegance. Hand loomed from natural fibres of cotton, it is lightweight, smooth and yet durable. Its extensive use over the centuries means that it has refabrication to be exactly the preferred multipurpose material it is today. Its pure cotton base allows us to weave elegant designs into them with a Mediterranean touch. From traditional and conservative, to stand out modern we have created a whole range of designs for various uses. Our designs often combine patterns such as the Wave and Meandros styles with other natural themes and ideas. We want to bring summer alive in our designs, so have named each one after a Greek island, where each design reflects something of the character of the island it has been named after. Visit the islands for yourself and see how exclusive hotels, beach bars, restaurants and shops have enhanced their image by having us embroider their name and logo into our Pestemal towels.

Meet the designer:

“My journey with Pestemal started when I rediscovered a primary school friend I hadn’t seen in over thirty years. At our first meeting she gave me a Pestemal towel. I touched the fabric and loved it at once, feeling that it was someho having found my lost friend. Since I loved it I knew my friends would too. Not only did they love them, but they couldn’t get enough of them.

At our Mediterranean island villa my husband had become used to seeing me carry big bulky bags of towels to his boat whenever we’d go sailing. One day he noticed how small the bag was and asked why. When I showed him the Pestemals and how compact they were and then later how useful they were he was sold on them too. That was it. We had all started using towels again.”